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Become a Friend of Arun Counselling and get 50% off your CPD

Friends of Arun Counselling

Become a Friend of Arun Counselling and get 50% off your CPD

We are developing a new and exciting CPD programme for our counsellors and supervisors.

We would like to share this programme with counsellors/supervisors who have worked with us in the past as well as the wider counselling community.

We’d also like to keep in touch and let you know about:

  • Our own CPD programme
  • Updates on what's happening at Arun Counselling
  • Social events: Many counsellors work in private practice and find that they have little contact with other professionals apart from supervision. We would like to offer some regular social events for networking, peer support and pleasure.
  • Other training opportunities in the area or online

The cost for a year's membership is £20.  If you're interested in joining, please sign up below.

Just to give you an idea of what we are doing, we have the following events in our calendar: 

  • 22nd June "Exploring Privilege and Otherness" with Dr Dwight Turner
  • 21st September "Bereavement and Loss" with counsellors from CRUSE

We are also planning the events for later in the year on techniques for working with shock and trauma; working with eroticism and relationship diversity; the latest research on working with depression and how to work with schizophrenia.

Please click the button below to register your interest and send us your details.


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