Volunteering in the office

We are looking for volunteers help us manage enquiries from potential clients as well as manage our booking and assessment systems. This role could be undertaken from our office in Beach Road, Littlehampton or done remotely via a mobile phone and a PC/laptop. It is possible that several volunteers could cover this work by each offering a few hours each week/fortnight.  The role calls for people with excellent interpersonal skills particularly using a telephone. When clients call us they may be anxious or upset and we need people who can manage such calls. We have recently installed Microsoft 365 and we need someone who is either familiar with this system or who is sufficiently IT literate to learn it.  

We are a service that is in the process of managing huge change. We are expanding what we do and changing how we do it. We offer the opportunity to work within a caring organisation that is striving to adapt rapidly to a post-covid world. 

Specific duties 

· Liaise with the director, clinical director and treasurer to administer the day-to-day operation of our business.  

· Deal with email correspondence and enquiries from counsellors, supervisors and assessors.  

· Take calls to ACC and deal with Voicemail messages including calls from potential and existing clients of the service 

· Manage and administer the client referral system on a day-today basis 

· Manage and administer the assessment process. 

· Manage and administer the allocation process including compiling details of potential clients and sending these to our counsellors on a weekly basis, sending assessments out to counsellors, and administering the allocation of clients to our counselling team  

· Overseeing the room booking system. 

· Administering the application and placement of student counsellors 

Further details of who we are and what we do can be found on our website: http://aruncounselling.com/  

Contact Julie Slumbers  Director@aruncounselling.com with a CV to be considered for an interview.