We welcome applications from counsellors in (or approaching) the second year of their training. Please complete our application form and send us a CV.

How many vacancies do you have each year?

We have 28 counsellors working with us. We recruit whenever a vacancy occurs. You are welcome to complete an application and we will contact you when we have a suitable vacancy.

Do you charge for supervision?

Yes. At the moment we charge £25 a month ((£300 a year) towards the cost of supervision.

Can I record client sessions?

Yes, after discussion in supervision and with the client's full agreement we allow students to records sessions for the purpose of assessment.

How much supervision do you provide?

We have fortnightly supervision with an experienced supervisor. The supervision lasts for two hours and is in groups of 4 (plus supervisor).

How many clients would I be expected to see?

You will begin with one client and take a maximum of three while you are still in training.